Our Vision

WhiteSpace. It’s exactly that – a “blank canvas” for meeting space. We provide flexible and affordable solutions so that people can get together.

WhiteSpace is Great for….

WhiteSpace flexibility allows our customers to customize the space around the outcome they want to create.

Sales negotiation

The key to a successful sales negotiation is finding a venue with a professional environment in line with the business goals, and choosing the appropriate room size. Do you need a round table discussion, a U-shaped conference table or to sit across a board table and talk it out?
WhiteSpace has experience in setting up every scenario, and we can provide you with professional advice and support.

Sales Meeting

If you company needs regular sales meetings, account review or sales training, you need a place to get everyone engaged and focused on results.
WhiteSpace provides high quality venues and professional services for all sizes of meetings, from small companies to large enterprises. Convenient locations and great facilities make sure your sales meeting is productive.

Private Meetings

If you need meeting space, privacy and comfort will probably be at the top of your list of requirements.
Whitespace’s minimalist design provides the right professional environment for focused consultation. We can set up your room for any meeting duration, and all the equipment you need is already included. Coffee breaks and additional services are all available on request to enhance your experience.

Team Building

Team building plays an increasingly important role in every type enterprise, and companies are looking for all kinds of formats to achieve their goals:
workshops, company celebrations, and all kinds of fun activities to build a shared culture.

Product Demo

Congratulations! You have a new product, and you need to show its performance - to customers, potential customer, industry platforms or just your own staff. Choosing the right venue to support your message is the first step to a successful launch.

Employee Training

New employee induction and regular on-the-job training to upgrade staff skills are long-term activities for any company. WhiteSpace has a variety of spaces to provide you with diverse training venues and related services. Whether it’s conventional classroom training, hands-on or interactive skills training, or a combination of all these, we can set up a suitable quality venue that most suits your needs.

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